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Email Hosting UK - Email Hosting for UK Business

Our email hosting solutions are founded upon the Microsoft Exchange™ server line of products; our business email hosting supports Microsoft Outlook™ client connected to a remote email hosting server allowing you to collaborate with contacts, calendar, tasks and email as well as sharing contacts lists, email mailboxes and public folders. Our email hosting server can be accessed from any internet connection using the web, mobile device or your Microsoft Outlook™ client. Your email hosting account is accessible via your mobile phone, your laptop or from a web portal anywhere in the world. Your email messages are secured when in transit to or from any other users (as long as their email server or email hosting server supports encrypted services.) We also protect your email with antivirus  and  antispam  technologies within the basic monthly charge per mailbox. Our basic charge is based on each email hosting user having up to 5GB of storage space but we can provide as much space as required for an additional cost. Each mailbox costs £3.00 + VAT per month for 5GB and we charge £1.00 + VAT for each additional gigabyte of space required on our email hosting servers.

 Our Service Includes:
  • Outlook Anywhere access from the full Microsoft Outlook™ 2007/10/13 client connecting you to email hosting offline.

  • Activesync allowing you to Connect to Microsoft Exchange Email Hosting with your iPhone or Windows Mobile Phone

  • Outlook Web Access allowing full access to your email hosting from any web browser

  • Full antispam and antivirus protection for your emails both inbound and outbound, scanned at the email hosting server

  • Support for your staff and services using email hosting for UK business allowing ongoing reliability and ease-of-access

Email Hosting refers to keeping your email server and emails 'in the cloud.'This means that your email is transfered to a  network of computers that reside on 'the web' in huge datacentres (warehouses full of computer racks and air-conditioning) where it is kept at the correct temperature and humidity, and is protected from unwanted access by thick security doors and armies of staff. This current trend of optimising computers to be part of a large service industry rather than as units to be sold as individuals increases economy of electrical usage as well as getting more performance out of every machine. This new type of service aka 'the cloud' allows companies like sircles to offer better value to its clients rather than travelling to every client-site and providing services to them individually. Email hosting is a way ofmany clients gaining advantage from a single point of investment by the supplier increasing the economy of service and allowing for the customer to recover more value for money.

Email Hosting is a way for you to:

  • Stop paying for monthly support of your current email server and move to email hosting instead - your email will be stored with us in a secure cooled, protected environment.

  • Stop paying for air-conditioning of your server room and high electricity payments - our email hosting datacentre includes costs of energy, cooling and support in monthly instalments.

  • No more worrying about backups - with email hosting we keep your email in more than one location so that no matter what, we can still provide you with uninterrupted email service

Call us now on (0844) 880 1618 for pricing and to get started in the email hosting cloud!


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